March 28, 2023

Birth of Authors Alliance

How did Authors Alliance come about? I’ve been writing for over thirty-five years, have a current total of four non-fiction books and thirteen fiction books (2 finished but not yet published), and have dealt with self-publishing companies for more years than I wish to count. I have watched as mediocre books were picked up by traditional publishing companies and exceptional books ignored.
During these many years, I have tried to get my books in front of traditional publishing companies without success until recently. Why? Why has it taken me this long to get my foot in the door? Because I didn’t know the ropes of the game.
One day, while considering this dilemma, I decided to begin sharing my experiences with other authors in hopes that they might share their experiences with me. I wanted to give that dose of encouragement and knowledge to young authors, so they won’t give up on their dreams. I wanted to create a forum where authors could talk with each other, give each other ideas, let others know what marketing strategies have worked for them and what have not, and be an all-around encouragement. After all, who doesn’t need encouragement, especially when it seems like we are spinning in circles?
Please, let me hear from you concerning any tips you might have for other authors. Share your failures and successes. What has worked to get your book out there? What has not worked? Let’s ban together and be a community that supports and encourages each other.
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6 Responses

  1. I appreciate that the way I do things with my writing career. How it doesn’t require me to go to a publisher for their expensively-egregious services, which has saved me a LOT of money. Although come to think of it it’s not that hard to get around once you’ve been through a lot of hoops, haha!

  2. The amount of work required to self-publish can be daunting, but it’s been a valuable learning experience for me as an author and entrepreneur. I’m glad to be a part of this community

  3. Been there too and I still am! But, I’m excited to see how self-publishing continues to evolve and grow in the coming years, and I plan to keep exploring this route for my own writing career. I would love to learn more how to do it the right way through the right people as well.

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